Very Poor Credit $200 Loan in Tofield, AB, Canada

tofield fast cash loan Very Poor Credit $200 Loan in Tofield, AB, CanadaAngelique needed to borrow a lightening fast two hundred dollars from a payday loan company somewhere close to her house in Tofield, Alberta. She wasn’t your typical PDL customer (so you would think) but it had to be really fast.

She had spent all of her money on other things at the time, and temporarily didn’t have access to her main accounts with the CIBC due to the fact they had closed them down. She had just separated from her husband of 22 years and was basically shut out of her accounts – very nasty stuff and VERY stressful.

So all Angelique needed was access to some quick cash she could travel home to Nova Scotia while things were sorted out with her soon to be ex-husband. She owned an Aurora which she planned to get across the country with. She didn’t want to borrow any money from her parents back in Eastern Canada. Her pride was much to big for that.

As she was still employed at the time of the application, she was so ashamed of the break-up she was in the middle of, and on top of that, she didn’t want to upset her family with the whole ordeal. When she arrived in Nova Scotia she got ahold of the bank and squared everything off. She managed to pay back the cash to the payday loan company, and never used one again. That was it – one loan, one time, and never again.

Below is Angelique’s application submission from the survey portion, that some users are willing to fill out. The database allows for a point and click answering system, and it’s very secure. All privacy of the applicants is protected throughout this information process – it has to be in order for us to publish this information.

App Submission To BFC = Total Loan Request: $200, What Can You Handle Each Month for Installment: $475, Experian Rating: 585, What is Your DTI: 0.45, Origin City of Loan: Tofield, Origin Country of Loan: Canada Purpose of Loan: Travel (fuel), Length of Term: 18 weeks, Month Income: $2,700, Mo. With Job: 8 years, Employment: Railroad (CN – Canadian National), Last Salary Payment: $2,700

Urgency of Loan: Quickly, Owing On Credit Cards: $40,000, Total Debt Load: $400, Vehicle Model: Oldsmobile Aurora, Existing Debt: $12,410, Auto Year: 83

End of Application: Very Poor Credit Loan in Tofield, AB, Canada

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  1. Michele applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 20.000

    Speed: as soon as possible

    Credit: 560

    Location: Calgary

    Income: 2.200 net per month with Shaw and $475.00 net per week with Aerotek.


    Some renovations need to be done in the house that I partially owe so it can be put for sale after and i need to catch up on my bills to improve my credit. I can pay back a minimum of $500 easily per month, thanks a lot for considering my application.

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