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Direct Private Cash Loan for $10000 in Ontario

This potential customer is applying for a direct private cash loan for the amount of $10,000 and lives in the province of Ontario, Canada. He needs the money to pay for pool repairs and subsequent renovations that he wants to do to the pool steps and the surrounding deck. He did not budget for this repair since it has come as a total surprise to him and he does not have an emergency fund set up to Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Canada-Based Debt Consolidation Companies For Over $10,000

The latest client is looking for Canada based debt consolidation companies that will loan amounts over $10,000 and in fact he is looking for a loan of $25,000. Although he does have some credit card debt at high interest, the primary reason that h is applying for a loan is that he wants to simplify his life and make only one payment a month instead of making several payments. Currently he pays payments Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Debt Consolidation Between $10,000 – $100,000 For Canadians

The latest client is applying for a debt consolidation loan or mortgage for an amount between $10,000 to $100,000 in Canada. They have an existing mortgage of approximately $50,000 and an additional $35,000 in debt from other sources that they would like to consolidate into one loan or mortgage. Their current mortgage is coming up for renewal and they would like to use this opportunity to consolidate Read more about this Loan [$$$]

$500 Dollar Loans – the Math and the Means (Case Studies)

Introduction: Five hundred dollar loans are one of the most searched for loan amounts online, and for a few reasons: $500 is often all someone needs to borrow to fix a typical everyday emergency, and; $300 is the maximum amount of cash that most payday loan companies, and cash advance companies will lend out sight-unseen (first-time customers), when potential customers are applying online. Therefore Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Bad Credit Loans in Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City – Bankruptcy, Car, Furniture

Were talking about bad credit loans in Canada today. In specific, we are talking about bad credit applicants applying for loans in Montréal, Québec City, and Ottawa. One of our applicants needed a loan for furniture. And another borrower wanted to borrow money for a used car, while the other one just wanted to get a loan for some odds and sods around the house – even though he had recently claimed Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Payday Loan With Absolutely No Faxing For Appliances – B.C.

Back out on the West Coast in Vancouver British Columbia Angela was looking for a payday loan online for the first time, and she wanted a no faxing approval process. She had been through every possible angle she could think of in order to come up with the cash she needed, but there was no way of getting around it – she didn’t have any options left, so she had to settle for a PDL. The total request Read more about this Loan [$$$]

$850 Dollar Loan In Ottawa Ontario, Canada – Non Teletrack

Daniel from Ottawa applied for a very specific $850 payday loan with no Teletrack checking. We are still posting the loans requested without the use of the Teletrack qualification modeling software package. The borrower needed the money for a true emergency situation. He is a father and husband, with a 6 year old boy who is a hemophiliac (If you don’t know what this condition is, you can read Read more about this Loan [$$$]

No Teletrack Loan in Hamilton Ontario – $300 Payday Loan

Not to long ago here at BFC, we listed all the payday loan stores in Hamilton, Ontario, and today we are going to post an actual borrower application, and the lender’s terms of the note. In this application the note was 300 dollars, and the borrower wanted to make sure to do business with a payday loan company in Hamilton that doesn’t use Teletrack. At the very bottom of our introduction, you can Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Direct Lender Payday Loans in Canada

This loan application request came in from Vancouver, and the customer specifically asked for a direct lender payday loan, approved somewhere in Canada. She (Janet) didn’t care which city the lender operated from, as she was applying online. She had some credit issues with a past company and she was told by someone that direct lenders don’t charge as much in fees – we will get into that theory a little Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Fast $1500 Payday Loan in Ontario, Canada

Hello Bucks for Canucks. I’m in need of a payday loan from one of the Ontario, Canada cash advance lenders. I have been researching the Internet looking for a company that will lend me money you with my back credit rating which is been very unfortunate over the last year and a half. I have been looking only online for payday loan companies in Toronto, Ottawa, and London. I have had no luck with Read more about this Loan [$$$]

$1000 Emergency Payday Loan in Calgary, Alberta

This is a very unique loan request due to the reason the applicant needs it tendered. This applicant has applied for a $1000 payday loan in Calgary because he’s got himself into a bit of her predicament they require some fast cash. Him and his friends were having a party over at his brother’s place on the weekend and they were having a little bit too much fun! They got drunk and decided to play Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Fastest Online Auto Loan in Ottawa Ontario, CA for Mitsubishi Carisma

Fastest Online Auto Loan in Ottawa Ontario, CA for Mitsubishi Carisma — Trying to buy a used Carisma from the Ottawa Autotrader because it has low mileage and it’s in super body shape, with not rust to speak of at all. I need to borrow $5600 cash money and I need to borrow it as fast as possible please. I love Mitsubishi cars and I owned one a few years ago, and always wished I hadn’t have sold it. Read more about this Loan [$$$]

$1000 Dollar Cash Advance Loan in Ottawa Ontario – Jayden

$1000 Dollar Cash Advance Loan in Ottawa Ontario — I need in a loan fast and my name is Jayden. I’m 23 years old and I wash dishes for my parent’s restaurant. I need to borrow one grand so I can take a little trip out to Edmonton next week to go skiiing. Don’t have any extra cash and I need a break bad. I have lived in Ottawa my whole life and I have people that can vouch for my credit. Canadian Read more about this Loan [$$$]