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1000 Easiest Online Loan in Kingston Ontario

Our client for this application is a professor and doing some research on the easiest and fastest loans in the lending market and he lives  in Kingston Ontario. He claims that he is doing research on the online loan industry and requests that we play along and assess his application accordingly. We are really not sure if this is a real research project or not, since he did not provide any contact Read more about this Loan [$$$]

300 Cash Advance in Victoria B.C.

Our applicant is looking for a $300 cash advance and lives in Victoria B.C. He has found himself in a very difficult situation were he has lost his job due to an off duty accident that occurred a couple of weeks ago and is waiting for his unemployment benefits to start. He is also waiting to hear if he will qualify for disability payments .  Frankly a client with no assets and no current income from Read more about this Loan [$$$]

2000 Quick Personal Loan Online – Halifax Novia Scotia

This applicant is applying for a $2000 personal loan using an online application and lives in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He works for the city of Halifax and has held a variety of jobs over the past 10 years progressing to increasingly senior jobs. Currently he is a cityroad inspector, inspecting and approving all new road construction projects. His credit rating is actually excellent Read more about this Loan [$$$]

500 Quick Payday Loan – Winnipeg Manitoba

This client is applying for a $500 loan to enable him to purchase a ticket to go to his dad’s funeral in Victoria , British Columbia. He lives in Winnipeg Manitoba and works at a local restaurant as a short order cook. Hegets paid a low wage, but also participates in the tips that are left by customers. He gets a share of the tips based on his hours and the tips collected while he is working. He Read more about this Loan [$$$]

3000 Online Loan – No Faxing in Edmonton Alberta

This client is applying for a $3000 loan with no faxing, and lives in  Edmonton, Alberta. He is applying online instead of going to a regular bank. Both he and his wife have steady jobs , a great credit rating and no current debts. They rent an apartment and would prefer to use the online loanapproach to financing their purchase of two high end bicycles and the gear that is needed for them,  instead Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Looking For Direct Lender Payday Loan in Vancouver, Canada – $1000

This applicant in Vancouver, Canada was looking to find a direct lender payday loan. Basically, another poor young soul doesn’t quite understand that there really is’nt such an animal. Anyway, he was applying to borrow $1000 dollars with a payday loan store in Vancouver (down near Hastings and Cassiar way). He actually lives in North Vancouver, but there was a couple of PDL stores on his route from Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Very Poor Credit $200 Loan in Tofield, AB, Canada

Angelique needed to borrow a lightening fast two hundred dollars from a payday loan company somewhere close to her house in Tofield, Alberta. She wasn’t your typical PDL customer (so you would think) but it had to be really fast. She had spent all of her money on other things at the time, and temporarily didn’t have access to her main accounts with the CIBC due to the fact they had closed them Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Bad Credit Car Loan in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, CA for Vauxhall Zafira

Bad Credit Car Loan in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, CA for Vauxhall Zafira — I have a totally miserable credit rating because I lost my job back in November and I’m just catching up on my bills now with a new job I just got. I know I can’t get approved for a car loan when I’m unemployed. I have my eye firmly fixated on a used Vauxhall Zafira that is for sale with a dealership based in Cape Breton, which Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Low Interest Auto Loan in Halifax Nova Scotia, CA for Jaguar X-Type

Low Interest Auto Loan in Halifax Nova Scotia, CA for Jaguar X-Type — I have always wanted to own a car just like this Jag – the year, the model, the colour, everything! Let me introduce myself OK. My name is Earl (removed for privacy) and I live in Halifax. I need to find the lowest rate you can get me. Can you find me the lowest auto loan rate? Or do I have to find the lender, and then you negotiate Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Fast Cash Payday Loan in Terrebonne Quebec – Abdhul T. – 1000$ – 1500$

My name is Abdhul T. and I need approval on a cash advance payday loan for 1000$ dollars, or a bigger $1500 dollar loan. I want to repair my backyard fence after my teenage son drove his truck through it last week. Me, my wife, two teenage sons, and our 12 year old daughter live happily in Terrebonne Quebec. I have a very poor credit score so getting a loan with the Bank of Nova Scotia (our family Read more about this Loan [$$$]

I Need to Get a $1500 Payday Loan in Halifax Nova Scotia

Get a $1500 Payday Loan in Halifax Nova Scotia — Hi there! My name is Greg and I just need a little help here. I need to get a loan for 1500 dollars and need it yesterday. I live in Halifax and I can’t get approved with my bank for an overdraft, and I don’t qualify for a home equity line of credit (HELOC) because I’m missing that one essential ingredient with a HELOC – that is real estate. Please Read more about this Loan [$$$]