Payday Loan Skipping

Payday loan skipping is the illegal act of borrowing money from a payday loan company without any preconceived intent to pay back the loan and the fees.

Payday loan skipping was derived from the term “loan skipping”, which was derived from the term, “skipping town”.

In fact, most payday loan skippers do travel from city to city, taking out fraudulent loans for the largest sum they can get approved for.

Payday loan skippers usually use stolen identities, and falsified documents to avoid being detected by the lender, or the lender’s credit checking software – Teletrack usually.

Loan skippers have done jail time in the past, but the burden of proving the scam artist’s true intent is quite high.

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  1. Mary-lyn applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 5000.00

    Speed: asap

    Credit: poor

    Location: Fredericton new Brunswick Canada

    Income: I am employed fulltime with CIBC for the last 5 gross monthly income is $2962.50


    my husband and I have gotten behind on some bills i.e. Hydro, phone,car,ect and need a fast loan to catch up. Would like to take loan out over a 60 month term if possible. I have direct deposit for my pay and would like to make payments on a
    bi-weekly basis

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