Small Cash Loan for $600 Near Beaumont, AB, Canada – Older Applicant

baumont ab small cash loan Small Cash Loan for $600 Near Beaumont, AB, Canada   Older ApplicantBelow is the data we gathered on this loan application from the Beaumont area of Alberta. We have a whole series profiling all most of the considerable towns and cities in Alberta. Below is the pre-submission information to get started here.

The Consumer Loan Data = Money To Borrow: $600, Installment Payment You Afford: $440, Fair Isaac Score: 451, Submit Your DTI: 0.7, Area of Loan Request: Beaumont, Country Loan Request: Canada, Loan Purpose: Personal, Total Term: 71 days, Your Income: $3,700, Time at Job: Nineteen Yrs., Employment Description: Secretary (retired), Paycheck Amount: $3,700

Urgency Level: Need Fast, All CC Debt: $600, Current Loans Out: $100,000, Vehicle: Volkswagen Delivery, Owing on Vehicle: $9,310, Automobile Year: 06

Customer Information = First Name Only Please: Priscilla, Age: 69, Marital Status: Twice Divorced, Height: 1.608 m, Weight: 142 pounds, Education: Grade 6, Eye Color: Brandy Brown, Hair Color: Dirty Blond

Pet(s): N/A, Favorite Novel: Darkness at Noon—Authored by Arthur Koestler, Favorite TV Show: Charlie’s Angels, Favorite Food: Scallop Kebabs, Favorite Musical Act: Madita

End of Application: Payday Loan Near Beaumont. This concludes this Alberta resident’s application form submission data, and there are a few questions I would personally ask. As far as small personal loans are considered, there is some information that doesn’t quite “wash” when you dig into the details on this applicant.

1) The applicant states they that they are almost seventy years old (69) when she applied for this cash loan. Priscilla is actually a retired secretary and her income is based on her Canada pension, and her Company Pension income. Monthly she is pulling in over $3000 – so entered. The reason for the loan is for personal reasons and that is all we got. She didn’t leave any information regarding the precise requirement for the cash. You never know, and in this case we never will either.

2) Priscilla was approved for this loan based on her monthly income being what it is, and that fact that her house is almost paid for. Her personal DTI isn’t that bad either, and considering she has equity, she needs to get a reverse mortgage or a perhaps a small HELOC for those rainy days when her pension cheque doesn’t quite cover all the expenses.

3) Her credit score (her FICO) is REALLY low and we never did get any concrete reason for this, as we never did see a facsimile of her credit report(s). We can only imagine why her FICO score is literally as low as it can go. I have seen some older applicants refuse to use any of the equity in their homes or properties, and they simply refuse to use their property(s) like some such filthy ATM machine – sure, I get that, but we don’t live forever, so we should be enjoying the fruits of our labor by the time we reach 70 years old. Anyway….who am I to judge anyone’s financial decisions????

I am always surprised to see older applicants stepping into our payday loan stores in Alberta, and I’m dismayed actually to see the more and more retired people are using payday loans. Generally, payday loans should be a young man’s or young woman’s gig.

We were thankful to Priscilla for taking part in our online survey, and submitting the data that she did. We did help her get approved at a decent APR considering all the factors weighing in on the deal.

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  1. Connie applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 3000

    Speed: as soon as possiable

    Credit: poor

    Location: Devon Alberta

    Income: 35 hrs/wk @ 12.00 per hr


    Unexpected time off at work due to my son being sick from a injestion has caused me to fall behind on bills and other payments.

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