New Payday Loans in Canada

This client has applied for a payday loan of $1000, however he can get by with only $700 so we are not sure why he has asked for the additional $300. He does not have a bank account so his bank records obviously cannot be confirmed. He cashes his pay checks at a local payday loan office. He needs the money to pay his rent on time and avoid being ejected from his apartment. He apparently has a good Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Canada-Based Debt Consolidation Companies For Over $10,000

The latest client is looking for Canada based debt consolidation companies that will loan amounts over $10,000 and in fact he is looking for a loan of $25,000. Although he does have some credit card debt at high interest, the primary reason that h is applying for a loan is that he wants to simplify his life and make only one payment a month instead of making several payments. Currently he pays payments Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Debt Consolidation Between $10,000 – $100,000 For Canadians

The latest client is applying for a debt consolidation loan or mortgage for an amount between $10,000 to $100,000 in Canada. They have an existing mortgage of approximately $50,000 and an additional $35,000 in debt from other sources that they would like to consolidate into one loan or mortgage. Their current mortgage is coming up for renewal and they would like to use this opportunity to consolidate Read more about this Loan [$$$]

High Risk Lenders For Poor Credit In B.C., Canada

Our latest client is looking for a high risk lender for a poor credit loan in B.C., Canada. He is effectively self employed although he works under contract for a company that books tours for hunting, fishing and camping trips. His income varies a great deal over the year depending on the time of year and the number of tours that are actually booked. Many lenders consider clients like this to be high Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Bad Credit Personal Loans in Canada 2013

Our latest applicant is looking for a lender that will provide him with a bad credit personal loan in Canada in 2013. He is actually in a good financial situation, with a small mortgage and no other debts other than the $15,000 he owes on three credit cards. His main mistake and this is why he ended up with a bad credit rating, is that he has multiple credit cards which are all at their maximums.  Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Home Renovation Loan in Canada ($20000-$30000-$40000)

This applicant wants to get a loan for 20K, at the low end, and maybe as high as 40k. They live in Calgary and they want to do some home renovations. The hard part is that they have a poor credit rating and the RBC, CIBC, TD Canada Trust, and BMO won't lend them the money. They have tried applying with all of these banks with no luck at all. Personally, I would not want to try with more that two banks Read more about this Loan [$$$]

500 Payday Loan Advance in Victoria B.C

It is always exciting when you get a promotion and also an increase in pay.  The client on this application  recently received a promotion from assistant manager to manager of the motel were they work and they are  scheduled fortraining next week. They would like to be seen as being very professional while on this course since they will be meeting some of the senior managers at the same time, so Read more about this Loan [$$$]

300 Emergency Cash Advance Until Payday – Thunder Bay Ontario

Well I guess the old saying, know when to fold them, really does apply. This client lost all his paycheck in a pokergame and now needs to borrow$300 to help pay his rent which is due in the middle of the week. He needs this money until payday, at which time he wants to pay 50% back and the rest the following week. He lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario and works as a short order cook for a local restaurant. Read more about this Loan [$$$]

3000 Quick Approval Loan in Saint John New Brunswick

This client lives in Saint John New Brunswick and is applying for a loan so she can go on a Caribbean trip with her girl friend. It is one of those last minute deals in the off season, so she is getting what she considers to be a fantastic dealon the trip and the accommodations. The  only issue for her is that she has to borrow the money to pay for the trip and she must book the trip this weekend Read more about this Loan [$$$]

2000 Car Repair Loan Trois-Rivières Quebec

Our latest applicant lives in  Trois-Rivières Quebec and is hoping to borrow $2000 for car repairs on a car that heuses for delivering mail to community post offices in Trois-Rivières Quebec. He is a private contractor for Canada Post and uses his private car to make his rounds every day to pick up the mail and deliver it to the post office boxes in each neighborhood. His car needs approximately Read more about this Loan [$$$]

1500 Payday Loan in Saguenay Quebec Area

A lot of people would love to have our next clients lifestyle with just a bit more income. He makes $1600 every payday, receives free golf and free skiing year round.  He lives in the  Saguenay Quebec Area and works for acompany that owns a golf course and a ski hill. He has an opportunity to purchase a really good set of golf clubs for a third of the regular price and just does not have the ready Read more about this Loan [$$$]

1000 Easiest Online Loan in Kingston Ontario

Our client for this application is a professor and doing some research on the easiest and fastest loans in the lending market and he lives  in Kingston Ontario. He claims that he is doing research on the online loan industry and requests that we play along and assess his application accordingly. We are really not sure if this is a real research project or not, since he did not provide any contact Read more about this Loan [$$$]

500 Urgent Cash PDL in Abbotsford B.C.

The current applicant is hoping to be approved for a $500  PDL and she lives  in Abbotsford B.C. . She works at a retail store receiving minimum wage and a commission on the clothes that she sells. Her hours changeeach week depending on how busy the store is. The PDL loan or pay day loan is needed to pay for a weekend trip that she wants to go on with some friends of hers. She is unable to go on Read more about this Loan [$$$]

300 Quick Online Loan – Greater Sudbury Ontario

Our latest applicant is looking for a $300 loan  and lives in the Greater Sudbury Ontario area. This is arelatively small loan request and most applicants will receive quick approval for and online loan of this size. Unfortunately for this client, he does not have a job at this time, however he is receiving unemployment insurance which just started in the past month.  He has been looking for work, Read more about this Loan [$$$]

3000 Payday Lender Needed in Sherbrooke Quebec

Our latest applicant is looking for a $3000  loan and has searched for a payday lender in Sherbrooke Quebec were he lives. He has also told us that he is applying to several  lenders to try and find the best deal. It is no secret that  lenders providing online payday loans are more pricey than many personal loans you might receive from a bank, however his approach is a good one to find out who has Read more about this Loan [$$$]

2000 Payday Loan Online St. John’s Newfoundland

Our latest applicant is looking for a $2000  loan and has applied online. He needs this loan prior to payday. He lives in St. John's Newfoundland. This clientlives an interesting lifestyle with multiple jobs depending on the time of year. His work is very seasonal and sometimes he has to rely on unemployment to bridge the gaps in income. He fishes in the spring, guides in the summer and fall and works Read more about this Loan [$$$]

1500 Fast No Credit Check Cash Advance – Regina Saskatchewan

The latest application we have received, is from a person who is looking for a $1500 cashadvance loan to help them pay for their credit card expenses. They would prefer to take advantage of the no credit check service that is offered. This person lives in Regina Saskatchewan and has a steady job for the past two years as a mail clerk. They have fallen into the trap that many people do in today's environment Read more about this Loan [$$$]

1000 Payday Loan No Credit Check – Saskatoon Saskatchewan

This latest applicant is a city bus driver  and would like to borrow $1000, using our  no credit check service.  He and his family live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.  They have several kids, however one of them hasrecently had some dental work done, apparently a set of braces and the dentist would like his full bill paid quickly. The client has 50% of the money and needs the additional $1000 to completely Read more about this Loan [$$$]

500 PDL Cash Advance Oshawa Ontario on Weekend

This potential client is applying for a $500 PDL  loan and lives in Oshawa Ontario. He needs the money for a fishing party he is going to  on the weekend. For our readers who may not know what a PDL  loanis, the PDL is short for pay day loan, which really means he wants a loan until he is paid on his next payday. These types of loans are available to clients with demonstrated income who are short Read more about this Loan [$$$]

300 Cash Advance in Victoria B.C.

Our applicant is looking for a $300 cash advance and lives in Victoria B.C. He has found himself in a very difficult situation were he has lost his job due to an off duty accident that occurred a couple of weeks ago and is waiting for his unemployment benefits to start. He is also waiting to hear if he will qualify for disability payments .  Frankly a client with no assets and no current income from Read more about this Loan [$$$]