Payday Loan Calculator

At we advise our borrowers, applicants, and customers, to fully understand the costs associated with getting a payday loan or cash advance. We encourage you to find a different source of cash IF you can because of the extremely high fees you will be charged when getting a payday loan.

We find that the best way for you to fully appreciate what a payday loan will cost you, is to see the math for yourself. So to that end, we have created our own custom payday loan calculator. We chose the PHP language to code our calculator, as PHP is the language used in a WordPress CMS (c0ntent management system). The content of BFC is published using the WordPress CMS.

Using The BFC Wordpress Payday Loan Calculator On Our Site

This is really easy. Just scroll to the bottom of ANY post here at and you fill find our payday loan calculator. There are three different fields for you to fill in;

  • Payday loan amount
  • Fee per $100 borrowed
  • Term length (in weeks)

Then click SUBMIT QUERY – the results of your payday loan calculation will be printed for you showing;

  • Total amount of money paid back to lender
  • Total fees for the loan
  • Total effective APR (annual percentage rate)

Using The BFC Payday Loan Calculator Plugin On Your Wordpress CMS

For those of you who have a domain that uses the WordPress CMS, you can download and install the BFC Payday Loan Calculator. We coded this plugin for our users, but we thought that it would be kind of cool if we let other payday loan, and cash advance companies, writers, webmasters, and publishers use our calculator as well. Below is the download and installation instructions.

We are submitting our WordPress Payday Loan Plugin to the WordPress directory presently, but until then you can get it here;


Description: This is a SOLID and stream-lined payday loan calculator that can be used as a Wordress Widget, OR in your page or post templates.


  1. Upload the entire plugin folder (payday-loan-calculator) into your WordPress plugin folder /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin “Payday Loan Calculator”.
  3. Then go to your widget area and drag/drop the Payday Loan Calculator into your sidebars (etc.), OR….
  4. paste this snippet into your POST or PAGE theme template(s);

<?php bfcpayday(); ?>

Support: If you have any problems or suggestions, email us at