Direct Private Financing for $100000 in Quebec

This application was submitted by a small business owner who is applying for a $100,000 direct private financing loan and lives in the province of Quebec.  He claims that he has excellent cash flow and currently operates two crews doing pool repairs, pool liner replacements as well as pool openings and closings.

He is really looking for a line of credit so that he can borrow as needed and repay as cash becomes available. As a result a direct private financing deal may not be the best solution for this customer; however there are other lenders and loan products that may still be of interest to him.

He may be required to personally guarantee any loan that is put in place whether it is for the company or for himself. Since he is the owner, this should not present a problem for him. The company is generating an excellent cash flow and is quite profitable as well.

While the loan is amortized over several different terms of 15, 20 or 25 years, the client could take this loan in full and then repay it as cash became available in a much shorter time frame. He could then reapply for future loans as needed. This is not quite as flexible as a line of credit however it is another solution for his consideration. More discussion with the client will likely follow before a final solution is determined to meet his needs. There are several solutions which may meet his final needs.


Loan Amount :: $100,000

Loan Application and Processing Speed (when do you need the funds):: within the next 30 days

Do you currently have a mortgage? :: no, I currently rent the office space that I use

Bank Name and Branch :: Toronto Dominion Bank, Shrebrooke

What City/Town, State and County do you live in? :: Montreal, QC

Zip :: H1W 1B1

What is your employment field? :: Operate a small pool repair company

Employment Position :: Owner

When are you paid? (monthly/weekly/biweekly):: Weekly

Your credit rating to be – excellent, fair, or bad? :: excellent

How did you find us? :: looking for direct private financing in Montreal Quebec

How are you paid? (direct deposit/paper check):: Direct transfer from the companies accounts to my personal accounts

Gross Amount Per Paycheck ::$ 1,500

Do you agree to have this information published online, without your PRIVATE information of course? :: yes, you can even use my stores name since it will be a form of free advertising

Extra information here please (some detail):: I have filled in an application for a direct private financing loan for $100,000 and live in the province of Quebec. Although I have applied for this loan, what I am really looking for, is an operating account that lets me draw on it as needed and repay as needed. I operate a pool repair company and have 2 crews running all spring , summer and fall doing pool repairs, liner replacements, opening pools and closing pools.

Right now I need to add another crew to keep up with the business, which means another truck and associated equipment, hence the loan that I am applying for. I plan to use it initially to buy this additional truck and equipment and then repay the loan based on the income the company generates. We should easily clear $200,000 a month with this added crew and will repay the loan in no time at all.

Once it is repaid, then I would like to use it from time to help manage cash flow and avoid delays in ordering equipment etc. This should not be needed to often, however it is nice to have the added loan capability to deal with any cash flow issues that might occur.

Note to Lender :: the business is fully self financed and it does not have any other loans at this time. In fact it has a great cash flow, but not enough to afford the new equipment that is needed. We have a small office and a warehouse that allows us to keep our overhead very low. We are able to position ourselves below the competition because our overhead costs are low, while at the same time making a pretty reasonable profit.

My personal credit rating is excellent. I am not sure if the company has a credit rating or not or even what that credit rating might be. We personally have no debts at this time, my mortgage is fully paid, my car is paid for and we make a point of always paying credit cards on time so that we do not incur any interest from unpaid accounts.

I am looking for a competitive interest rate and competitive flexible terms for this direct private financing loan. If I am unable to obtain the flexibility I need, then we may just stick with the two crews that we currently have and wait until we have sufficient profit built up in the company to handle the added cost of launching a 3rd crew. Please let us know your decision at your earliest convenience.


Category: Loan APR 6.5% APR 7.19% APR 8.49%
Loan Principal $100,000 $100,000 $100,000
Payment Schedule Monthly Monthly Monthly
Length of Term 10 15 20
Amount to be paid $132,767.61 $154,220.88 $185,249.22
Total interest paid $32,767.61 $54,220.88 $85,249.22
Paid per installment $1,091.24 $845.05 $761.30

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6 Loan Requests

  1. Sharon applied for the following loan:

    Loan: $50,000.00

    Speed: December 15th, 2013

    Credit: Fair

    Location: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

    Income: Since I am the owner of the depanneur, my earnings are taken monthly from the store account to my personal accout. Earnings are $2000.00 per month at this time.


    I am looking for a loan to help cover the costs of a new convenience store that I have purchased. After working in the store for 6.5 years, I bought it. The loan would go towards operating costs as well as increasing stock and doing some renovations in the store. This would also enable me to hire 1 staff member for the store.

  2. Charles applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 10,000.00

    Speed: 1 week

    Credit: bad, was bankrupt 2010

    Location: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

    Income: 1. grosse: $2437.68 - $665.52 = Net $1772.16 2. grosset: $2437.68 - $796.72 = Net $1640.96 Grosse: $2437.68 + $2437.68 = $4875.36 Net: $1772.16 + $1640.96 = $3413.12 For the moment


    Pay off depts (Pay day loans)
    Startup funding for business start up

    Business(Centre Zija Gatineau)Promoting Products
    and online trading start, HYIP’s and courses

  3. Tony applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 11000

    Speed: Motorcycle Loan

    Credit: Very Bad

    Location: Kirkland, Quebec, Canada

    Income: Annual Salary of $52,000 paid weekly ($1000 gross).


    I want to payoff the motorcycle loan as soon as possible so that I can sell it without a lien on it. I no longer ride. Declared personal bankruptcy in 2012, so banks will not lend me money.

    I can repay loan at $500/mth and once motorcycle is sold, use the money to clear the loan debt faster.

  4. DOMINIQUE applied for the following loan:

    Loan: $30,000

    Speed: WEDNESDAY

    Credit: BANKRUPTCY


    Income: I AM MAKEING $680.00 A WEEK AND $1,360 A MONTH


    Im lookig for a loan to start operating ALREADY ESTABLISHED restaurant all im asking for is $30,000 just to get it running.

  5. Ron applied for the following loan:

    Loan: $US165000

    Speed: asap

    Credit: poor

    Location: Delta B.C

    Income: $2200


    Right now they are holding my funds of $US10,000,000 at CFC a private membership club. I haven’t paid my dews in 20years @$8000 yearly. I owe them $US 165000. Once I have paid them they will release the funds through Bank of America. If I cannot pay the amount they have requested then I will lose that funds. I am willing to pay 10% commission plus the borrowed money.

  6. Tommy applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 500

    Speed: Bills

    Credit: Poor

    Location: Lively

    Income: 3000


    Bills,bills and more bills

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