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Thank you for using We are trying our hardest to shed light on the growing payday loan market in Canada. We appreciate that you have a choice when you go on the Internet, and we are very happy to serve you today. The staff here at BFC works hard to record, preserve, and publish lending and borrowing transactions that actually occur between Canadian lenders and Canadian borrowers, AND we provide you with access to our list of lenders.

To make your loan request use the application from found at the bottom of all loan requests. Can’t miss it.

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We thank you for your continued support, and for helping our users find the lending solution that works best for them. Please understand that we continue to screen all lenders for integrity and compliance to their local usury laws. Any lender found to be asking for an upfront fee from a borrower to secure a loan, will IMMEADIATLY removed from our service, and reported to the appropriate authorities. This goes for Canadian and United States lenders.

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