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5000 Loan For Dental Work in Montreal

This client would like to borrow a $5000 loan for dental work to be completed and lives in Montreal, Quebec. The client has made all of the arrangements for this procedure including time off work, the dental appointments etc and just needs the go ahead from a lender to approve them for the loan. The loan is not needed all at once. The client will be making progress payments to their dentist as dental Read more about this Loan [$$$]

500 Cash Advance Personal Loan – Montréal Quebec

This applicant for a $500 cash advance personal loan lives in Montreal Quebec and works full time at a small store as a store clerk doing all of the jobs that are normally found in one of these stores. He does not make a lot of money and it looks like he probably lives from pay check to pay check. He does not have a credit card, otherwise he wouldprobably use his credit card to purchase the new Read more about this Loan [$$$]

$1000 Bad Credit PDL in Montreal Quebec – Yves

My name is Yves and I live in North Montreal. Quebec. Really have to get a fast cash advance carried out so I can pay for my phone bill. I need a payday loan. I`m going to lose my connection in a few days if I don`t get some money off to them by tomorrow. Pls get back at me by tomorrow AM. I owe $953.89 – bad I know.