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How To Stop The Payday Loan Cycle (For Canadians)

The latest client has asked the question regarding how to stop the payday loan cycle that he is in. This will be the third time that he has used or would like to use a payday loan service and he is concerned about the high cost of payday loans. The combination of fees and interest make them much more expensive than a regular personal loan from a bank. Many people cannot obtain a personal loan due Read more about this Loan [$$$]

New Payday Loans in Canada

This client has applied for a payday loan of $1000, however he can get by with only $700 so we are not sure why he has asked for the additional $300. He does not have a bank account so his bank records obviously cannot be confirmed. He cashes his pay checks at a local payday loan office. He needs the money to pay his rent on time and avoid being ejected from his apartment. He apparently has a good Read more about this Loan [$$$]