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3000 Canadian Online Lender for Emergency – Windsor Ontario

We have a client who has an emergency and needs $3000 today or tomorrow at the latest to pay for repairs to his car which he uses to get back and forth to work. He has applied to  a Canadian online lender for an emergency loan andhe lives in the  Windsor Ontario area. Actually he is from a little town just east of Windsor called Tecumseh, Ontario. The repairs to his car sounds a bit pricey, however Read more about this Loan [$$$]

$1500 Payday Loan Request in Windsor Ontario

$1500 Payday Loan Request in Windsor Ontario — Really have to get a cash advance company to lend me some money fast. My name is Brendan. I need a 1500 dollar loan ASAP so I can buy Xmas gifts for the family. I’m tired of not having enough money for Christmas so this loan is essential. Like I mentioned above – I live and work in Windsor and I am established in the community. I’m good for the Read more about this Loan [$$$]