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Direct Private Cash Loan for $10000 in Ontario

This potential customer is applying for a direct private cash loan for the amount of $10,000 and lives in the province of Ontario, Canada. He needs the money to pay for pool repairs and subsequent renovations that he wants to do to the pool steps and the surrounding deck. He did not budget for this repair since it has come as a total surprise to him and he does not have an emergency fund set up to Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Bad Credit Lenders in Ontario

This client has applied for a mortgage for a home that he would like to purchase. He must sell his current home first and he must be approved for a rather large mortgage before he can remove the conditions on a home that he has an offer on. This is a fairly standard approach to buying a home. However what is not standard is that he has very poor credit and his current bank has turned him down for the Read more about this Loan [$$$]

300 Emergency Cash Advance Until Payday – Thunder Bay Ontario

Well I guess the old saying, know when to fold them, really does apply. This client lost all his paycheck in a pokergame and now needs to borrow$300 to help pay his rent which is due in the middle of the week. He needs this money until payday, at which time he wants to pay 50% back and the rest the following week. He lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario and works as a short order cook for a local restaurant. Read more about this Loan [$$$]

1000 Easiest Online Loan in Kingston Ontario

Our client for this application is a professor and doing some research on the easiest and fastest loans in the lending market and he lives  in Kingston Ontario. He claims that he is doing research on the online loan industry and requests that we play along and assess his application accordingly. We are really not sure if this is a real research project or not, since he did not provide any contact Read more about this Loan [$$$]

300 Quick Online Loan – Greater Sudbury Ontario

Our latest applicant is looking for a $300 loan  and lives in the Greater Sudbury Ontario area. This is arelatively small loan request and most applicants will receive quick approval for and online loan of this size. Unfortunately for this client, he does not have a job at this time, however he is receiving unemployment insurance which just started in the past month.  He has been looking for work, Read more about this Loan [$$$]

500 PDL Cash Advance Oshawa Ontario on Weekend

This potential client is applying for a $500 PDL  loan and lives in Oshawa Ontario. He needs the money for a fishing party he is going to  on the weekend. For our readers who may not know what a PDL  loanis, the PDL is short for pay day loan, which really means he wants a loan until he is paid on his next payday. These types of loans are available to clients with demonstrated income who are short Read more about this Loan [$$$]

3000 Canadian Online Lender for Emergency – Windsor Ontario

We have a client who has an emergency and needs $3000 today or tomorrow at the latest to pay for repairs to his car which he uses to get back and forth to work. He has applied to  a Canadian online lender for an emergency loan andhe lives in the  Windsor Ontario area. Actually he is from a little town just east of Windsor called Tecumseh, Ontario. The repairs to his car sounds a bit pricey, however Read more about this Loan [$$$]

1500 PDL Online – St. Catharines Ontario

We received an application for a  $1500 PDL Online loan from a first time potential customer who lives in St. Catharines Ontario. He works in the quality inspection department for GM checking the cars as they role of the assembly line atone of the plants in the area.  He makes a good income and combined with his over time he should have no problem repaying this PDL loan on time. He appears to get Read more about this Loan [$$$]

1000 Loan on Sunday – London Ontario

Our client is applying for a $1000 loan on a Sunday due to an urgent requirement for a loan. He lives in London Ontario and operates a trucking business that runs between St Thomas and Detroit delivering goods for the auto partsmanufacturers that operate in the area. His tractor, which is critical to his business, is in for a major overhaul of the transmission and the work is going to cost more than Read more about this Loan [$$$]

300 Online Advance Loan – Hamilton Ontario

This client is looking to borrow $300 and has applied online for a loan. He lives in Hamilton Ontario. This is a small loan and and many people do not need to borrow such small amounts, however in this case there are uniquecircumstances that causes this client to be in need of a loan of this type. Basically the client lost money at a poker game, the winner wants to be paid and  is threatening him Read more about this Loan [$$$]

$3000 Loan in Toronto – Private Lender With Collateral Offered

This applicant from Toronto, Ontario wanted to borrow $3000 from a payday lender in the area. She wanted to find a private lender for the loan. And not a payday loan lender. She had collateral in the the form of electronic equipment, as per her application, and we will get into “that one” here. She wanted the money by the following Tuesday morning, and she needed the private loan to be hush-hush Read more about this Loan [$$$]

1500 Online Personal Loan – Ottawa–Gatineau Ontario

This potential customer has applied for a $1500 online personal loan and lives in the city of Ottawa. He is planning to attend a training course that will enable him to enhance his online business  and continue keeping abreast with theongoing changes in the industry. Construction of web sites and writing content for company sites is a very competitive business and it is important to stay abreast of Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Need 200, 300, 400, 500 Signature Loan With Bad Credit

Our applicant today is requesting a small signature loan to help her pay for some acting lessons. She needs to take these small course on set etiquette or she can’t get any acting jobs or set extra jobs. Her life-long dream to be in the movie business, but right now (as we speak – or as I write) she does not have a single extra nickel to put towards her dream. So this brings us to her getting approved Read more about this Loan [$$$]

300 Online Cash Payday Loan – Toronto Ontario

This applicant in Toronto Ontario is in a unique position. He needs to buy another bike so that he can continue working as a bike messenger in down town Toronto. If he does not have a bike, he will lose his job and be unable tocontinue to work as a messenger and lose his only source of income. In addition, he does not have a bank account or credit card which is unusual in today’s world since almost Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Fast $1500 Payday Loan in Ontario, Canada

Hello Bucks for Canucks. I’m in need of a payday loan from one of the Ontario, Canada cash advance lenders. I have been researching the Internet looking for a company that will lend me money you with my back credit rating which is been very unfortunate over the last year and a half. I have been looking only online for payday loan companies in Toronto, Ottawa, and London. I have had no luck with Read more about this Loan [$$$]

$500 Payday Loan – Toronto, Ontario

This borrower (who lives in Toronto Ontario) has been having some financial difficulty in the recent months since he has had some extra expenses that he was not planning on having. Unfortunately, he’s not been able to earn any extra money with any other way and this is left him with some bills have to be paid quickly or he will have some trouble with his rent and his landlord in the very near future. So Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Instant Auto Loan in Aurora Ontario, CA for Volvo S/V40

Instant Auto Loan in Aurora Ontario, CA for Volvo S/V40 — Hey there to all the staff at BFC! Can you guys help me get approved fast again. I need an instant auto loan processed in Aurora on a V40 (Volvo).

New Car Auto Loan in Belle Ontario, CA for Jaguar X-Type

New Car Auto Loan in Belle Ontario, CA for Jaguar X-Type — Applying to buy a new model Jag which is an X-Type for a decent price from a dealer in Belle, On. This is a new car loan and my name is Jimmy F. I want to be approved with a Canadian lender that approves people who have bad credit scores.

Low Interest Auto Loan in Welland Ontario, CA for Lexus IS

Low Interest Auto Loan in Welland Ontario, CA for Lexus IS — Ok….here is the deal BFC. I have used your web site before to get approved for a bad credit loan, and now I need a car loan for a Lexus in Welland On, and I need to borrow between $8000 and $12000 dollars soon. My name is Marcie K. Please contact me by texting the phone number I disclosed in the online application form.

Excellent Credit Car Loan in Milton Ontario, CA for Ford Ranger

Excellent Credit Car Loan in Milton Ontario, CA for Ford Ranger — I have superb to excellent credit and want to find a lender in Canada that will honor that with a rock bottom APR. I’m buying a Ford Ranger for my Son Bobby who needs some wheels for a job he will commuting to in Milton, On. We want to help him out because he worked so hard in school for three years, and he deserves to have a nice, Read more about this Loan [$$$]