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Getting a Christmas Loan in Canada

The latest applicant is applying for what is called a Christmas loan in the industry. Many consumers rack up large amounts on their credit cards as they purchase a variety of Christmas gifts for friends and family. While they obtain one month’s grace from the credit card companies in terms of actually having to pay the balance on the credit cards, they all are due sometime in January of every year Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Where To Find Loan Quickly In Canada

This applicant has tried to anticipate all of the requirements for someone applying for a loan quickly. They have obviously done some research and provided a great deal of the information that is needed to evaluate a loan. Each lender has slightly different requirements when they evaluate a loan application. Here is a short list of what some lenders look for: Are you working full time Have you Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Loans In Canada When Collecting Unemployment Insurance

Although the applicant on this application is not unemployed and is not applying for a loan they have asked a very serious questions about whether consumers can obtain loans in Canada when they are collecting unemployment insurance. Normally we would not even post this kind of application, but since it may be of interest to many people who are unemployed, we thought that it deserved an answer. The Read more about this Loan [$$$]