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500 Payday Loan Advance in Victoria B.C

It is always exciting when you get a promotion and also an increase in pay.  The client on this application  recently received a promotion from assistant manager to manager of the motel were they work and they are  scheduled fortraining next week. They would like to be seen as being very professional while on this course since they will be meeting some of the senior managers at the same time, so Read more about this Loan [$$$]

300 Cash Advance in Victoria B.C.

Our applicant is looking for a $300 cash advance and lives in Victoria B.C. He has found himself in a very difficult situation were he has lost his job due to an off duty accident that occurred a couple of weeks ago and is waiting for his unemployment benefits to start. He is also waiting to hear if he will qualify for disability payments .  Frankly a client with no assets and no current income from Read more about this Loan [$$$]

My Dog Needs Emergency Surgery For $500 – Payday Loan in Victoria

Our applicant today needs a fast payday loan, or cash advance as quickly as possible for an extremely humane reason – his pet Border Collie requires emergency surgery to saves it’s life. As all animal lover know, owners can fall deeply in love with their dog(s) and they will do almost ANYTHING to save their lives. This applicant is begging for a fast unsecured advance to pay for the animal veterinarian Read more about this Loan [$$$]