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Very Poor Credit $200 Loan in Tofield, AB, Canada

Angelique needed to borrow a lightening fast two hundred dollars from a payday loan company somewhere close to her house in Tofield, Alberta. She wasn’t your typical PDL customer (so you would think) but it had to be really fast. She had spent all of her money on other things at the time, and temporarily didn’t have access to her main accounts with the CIBC due to the fact they had closed them Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Need Fast $700 Loan Near Cardston, AB, Canada

We have this $700 dollar payday loan application come in from Cardston, Alberta, from Kellie. This applicant is trying to find a nearby payday loan store in his area to pick up the cash. However, the nearest PDL company to Cardston is in Lethbridge, with isn’t far, but driving to Lethbridge takes time right. Kellie chose to use an online lender instead and avoid the drive into “the big city”. She got Read more about this Loan [$$$]

$300 Dollar Cash Advance in Vermilion, AB, Canada

This Friday we’re off to Vermilion Alberta to visit and applicant by the name of Dorothy. Dorothy is just about to turn 40 years old this weekend, and is looking for a very small loan of $300. Her case is like many borrowers who end up getting an expensive payday loan. She really didn’t think she would have to go there, but alas, she doesn’t feel she has a choice. Like so many of our borrower profiles Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Small Cash Loan for $600 Near Beaumont, AB, Canada – Older Applicant

Below is the data we gathered on this loan application from the Beaumont area of Alberta. We have a whole series profiling all most of the considerable towns and cities in Alberta. Below is the pre-submission information to get started here. The Consumer Loan Data = Money To Borrow: $600, Installment Payment You Afford: $440, Fair Isaac Score: 451, Submit Your DTI: 0.7, Area of Loan Request: Beaumont, Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Poor Credit Cash Advance Near Vauxhall, AB, Canada – $500

Poor Credit Cash Advance Near Vauxhall, AB, Canada – $500 Borrower Loan Request = Cash To Borrow: $500, Monthly Installment You Will Pay: $310, Fico Score: 502, Debt To Income Ratio: 0.36, Origin City of Loan: Vauxhall, Origin Country of Loan: Canada, What Is Loan For: PVR, Length of Term: 38 days, Month Income: $5,600, How Long Employed: 5 months, Your Employment: Nursery Worker, Last Payday Amount: Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Bad Credit Online Loan in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada – $500 Dollars

Bad Credit Online Loan in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada – $500 Customer Request For Funds = How Much Do You Want To Borrow: $500, Affordable Monthly Payment For You: $610, Fico Number: 505, What is Your DTI: 0.38, City/Town of Application: Fort Saskatchewan, Country of Application: Canada, Reason For Loan: Medical Emergency, Period of Term: 53 months, Monthly Earning: $3,400, Job Time Period: 52 months, Read more about this Loan [$$$]

Bad Credit Payday Loan in Eckville, AB, Canada $200

Bad Credit Payday Loan in Eckville, AB, Canada – $200 Loan Application Submitted = Loan Amount: $200, Payment You Can Afford Per Month: $280, Your Fico Score: 519, Your Calculated DTI: 0.26, City of Loan Request: Eckville, Country of Loan Request: Canada Purpose of Loan: Food, Loan Period: 63 days, Your Monthly Income: $2,300, Length of Employment: 71 days, Your Employment Field: Webmaster, Most Recent Read more about this Loan [$$$]