Bad Credit Loan 5000$ in Regina, Saskatchewan

Bad Credit Loan forĀ $5000 in Regina, Saskatchewan — My name Angie where I work for the TD Canada Trust. Ironically being in the banking industry, I need to get a personal loan approved with a 100% online lender or private company.

It’s Christmas time soon and I have to get some money soon to pay off debt from the year, and pay for the Holiday time affairs, travel costs, Christmas gifts, etc.

I work in Saskatoon and live in Regina with my parents right now, and I have to move soon before I lose my mind totally. They’re driving me totally crazy and I think I’ll jump off a grain elevator if I don’t get away from them.

So I need to borrow five thousand dollars so I can pay back the principal and interest over three years. Thanks for looking at my loan application today, and have a happy holiday.

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12 Loan Requests

  1. Sheila applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 10,000.00

    Speed: asap

    Credit: poor

    Location: Saskatchewan

    Income: Since January to July 2013 my net earnings were $21,500.00.


    I need to pay my monthly living expenses. I need to pay my back rent $3,100, my power $800, cellular $1,900 (need our cellular for my business calls), pay for quad repairs $1,000 and living expenses until my payments come in.

  2. Chris applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 5000

    Speed: ASAP

    Credit: Poor

    Location: Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Income: I have a guaranteed salary of 4600/month plus approximately $1500/ month in bonuses.


    Need to pay down bills and save money for my wedding

  3. Jason applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 10000

    Speed: Asap

    Credit: Good

    Location: Regina, sask, Canada

    Income: Approximately 4000/month.


    I am starting a business venture and will need some support for the first 3 months.

  4. Lisa applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 5000.00

    Speed: by August 1st

    Credit: poor

    Location: regina, saskatchewan

    Income: I have a full - time job that pays $1280.00 bi weekly before taxes and deductions


    I require the loan to catch up on bills, pay off outstanding rent to my landlord and current month as well as a few other debts I have incurred since I lost hours at my previous job before switching jobs.

  5. Brandon applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 2500

    Speed: ASAP

    Credit: Poor

    Location: Regina Saskatchewan Canada

    Income: 1800-2300 depending on the month


    To fix my car

  6. corey applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 5,000

    Speed: right away

    Credit: not good

    Location: moose jaw,sask

    Income: I make roughly 2200 a month


    to get caught up on some debt that I have

  7. Shonda applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 5000.00

    Speed: As soon as possible

    Credit: very bad credit

    Location: Humboldt. Sask.

    Income: 2500 a month form full time employment


    pay off debts. fix vehicle.

  8. Geri applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 10,000.00

    Speed: As Soon As Possible

    Credit: Poor

    Location: Regina,Saskatchewan Canada

    Income: 1200.00 after taxes


    To pay off old debts that are making my credit bad and to help move into a bigger place!

  9. corey applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 7000

    Speed: asap

    Credit: not good

    Location: saskatchewan

    Income: 2200 dollars is what I take home each month


    I need the loan to catch up on some past debt I have

  10. mark applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 3000.00

    Speed: consolidate bills and only have 1 payment/interest

    Credit: worst just out of bankruptsy

    Location: regina, sk

    Income: i earn anywhere between 1800-2600 a month clear around 2k a month


    I want to pay down all my debt and decrease my interest rate two one bill instead of three. just so hard to get a loan anywhere being out of bankruptsy being I don’t want a credit card.

  11. ash applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 10000

    Speed: today

    Credit: poor

    Location: saskachewan

    Income: About 2000 a month from child support and baby bonus


    Havent worked in five years due to medical problems my child had and my ex left me with npthing no money no vehicle no house so had to move and find a job which i did but i need to purchase a vehicle and pay back past debt

  12. Anonymous applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 2500.00

    Speed: 07/12/13

    Credit: poor

    Location: whitewood,saskatchewan

    Income: 1083.34 biweekly 395.02 monthly