$600 Fast Cash Payday Loan in Toronto Ontario Please – Hockey Registration

600dollarpaydayloan hockeyreg $600 Fast Cash Payday Loan in Toronto Ontario Please   Hockey RegistrationThis applicant lives in Toronto, Ontario and needs some quick payday loan so they can register their only child in hockey. They have all of the hockey equipment paid for and purchased, so that is looked after. Very costly – much more expensive to outfit a kid for hockey than it was in the seventies – that’s for sure.

They have it all looked after except the registration, and there is deadline for the registration fees. They have to come up with $600 dollars in 48 hours or their son will be out of luck, and all the money they spent on the equipment will be wasted – why? Because kids this age (12) grow out of their gear in just a single season.

So below we have their application for a payday loan and they are asking for six hundred dollars Canadian. Their Visa card(s) are maxed out and they don’t have a line of credit (no heloc because they are not home owners) and they don’t even have a chequing account overdraft in which to utilize for getting an urgent $600.

It should also be noted that they don’t need this entire $600 for the registration fee, but it also includes other smaller costs that need to be taken care of. Their son needs new glasses too which is going to cost them as well. They don’t have any vision care coverage with their jobs either, so it’s a complete out-of-pocket expense. This brings up the other important factor in this application – both of the parents have bad credit scores and they don’t own a house, but they DO have employment that is fairly secure. One of them works for Air Canada, and the other works as bar tender in a swank hotel in downtown Toronto. So as long as they have jobs, and their Teletrack record is clean, they should have no problem getting approved for this $600 payday loan. Below is the application from the would-be borrowers.

Payday Loan Application In Toronto Ontario for $600

Payday Cash Loan Amount :: $600

Payday Loan Speed :: Within 48 hours please – hurry if you can.

What City/Town, Province, and County do you live in? :: Toronto, Ontario

Postal Code :: M4E 2R1

What is your employment industry and how long in this field – detail please? :: I have been a full time bar tender at the Hilton in downtown Toronto for 7 years steady. Before that I worked in Vancouver at the Regency.

Employment Position :: Bar Tender – Manager

When are you paid? :: Bi-weekly

What would you consider your credit rating to be – excellent, great, good, fair, bad? :: Terrible (FICO 500)

How did you find us? :: I heard about BucksforCanuck.com from a friend in our area of town.

Bank name :: CIBC

How are you paid? :: by cheque

Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: $1230

Do not include ABA or bank routing numbers here. This is for your personal security. Do not enter social security numbers here. Do you agree to have this application information published online with your PRIVATE info removed? :: I don’t have an issue with this as long as you don’t share my information. You can post this if you change my name.

Any extra information here please :: I’m a glad to see all the other small loan applications here on BucksforCanucks.com because I don’t feel so all alone in being short on cash and having a bad credit rating. My wife and I are ashamed of our credit score, and we are embarrassed to be in such a bad financial position. Of course our only son has no idea that we are tight for cash and that his parents are having trouble making ends meet. Please consider giving us this fast payday loan for six hundred. We will pay it all back in two weeks. We have the budget for the next two months all figured out and we will be able to pay you back in full with no problem at all.

We don’t mind faxing you whatever information you need to get this cash advance approved rapidly. We understand that we might not get the money deposited into my chequing account within minutes, but we have 48 hours to work with here. Please, please, please approve this payday loan as we have spent allot of money on our son’s hockey equipment and it would go to waste if we can’t pay for his registration fees. All of his equipment will be useless for the next season, and all of the money we spent on it will have gone to waste. We just need this quick advance for a week and we can have the money paid back because my wife did allot of overtime last month which will cover this loan we owe you with no problem at all.

Thanks for taking our application, and thanks to all the workers at BFC for looking at this and being very friendly and understanding. We understand fully how expensive this kind of loan is and what the APR in on this loan (over 350%) – it’s doesn’t matter because we will not be rolling this loan over and we will not be incurring the costly percentage rate that comes with carrying a payday loan over it’s agreed apon deadline. I hope that you are sure to process my application quickly. We are sort of desperate to get this done today, and judging by the other loan applicants on this site, we will get approved fairly quickly.

End of Payday Loan Application for Toronto, Ontario – Amount = $600

Conclusion of Loan Application and Process With Payday Lender

This applicant’s application went through on a Monday morning between 10 AM and 10:30 AM so the payday loan provider in Toronto was able to get the monies ($600) deposited into their account by 3 PM the same day. They were overjoyed and had their son’s hockey registration paid before 5 Pm the same day.

They also followed their promise to pay back the loan by the following week with time to spare. Their cost on the loan was 15 dollars for every one hundred borrowed, and that came to a total of $90 cost on the $600 borrowed. Expensive loan to be sure, but it helped them meet the registration deadline with a day to spare. Their son is now playing hockey and their investment in equipment didn’t go to waste.

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2 Loan Requests

  1. Michelle applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 600

    Speed: right away

    Credit: fair

    Location: Niagara falls ontario

    Income: I get osdp 269.00 child tax 1754.00 welfare 1200.00


    To pay bill

  2. Katherine applied for the following loan:

    Loan: $600

    Speed: ASAP

    Credit: Terrible

    Location: Markham Ontario Canada

    Income: I work as a waitress so on my Bi-weekly pay cheques I make about $200 - $300. I also receive about $80 per shift in tips. Which brings my pay up to closer to $700 - $800.


    I need to pay my rent on friday and I’m desperate. I only just started at this job and I’m short right now.

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