2000 Car Repair Loan Trois-Rivières Quebec

Our latest applicant lives in  Trois-Rivières Quebec and is hoping to borrow $2000 for car repairs on a car that heuses for delivering mail to community post offices in Trois-Rivières Quebec. He is a private contractor for Canada Post and uses his private car to make his rounds every day to pick up the mail and deliver it to the post office boxes in each neighborhood.

His car needs approximately $2000 in repairs according to the applicant and he would like to have this completed now instead of waiting until the end of the month when he normally gets paid. He has an excellent credit rating that shows he pays all of his bills on time and that he has two credit cards with no reports against them.

While his credit rating is excellent, he has a stable job and he makes sufficient money to warrant this loan being approved, we wonder why he does not just charge these repairs to one of his two credit cards. The applicant stated that he pays the balance in full each month on the credit cards, so he should in theory have lots of room on one of his credit cards to pay for these car repairs.

Normally this loan request would be approved almost automatically by one of the banks we deal with, however in this case we would like to see additional information to assure the lender that all of the facts have been provided. Copies of his most recent credit card statements, checking account statement and pay stub or invoice to Canada Post will be requested. Once this information is provided and assuming that it meets with the banks approval, it is expected that the loan would be approved.

While this request for additional information may seem a bit much, it is actually fairly routine to request copies of pay stubs and bank account records to confirm credit information and to ensure that nothing in the recent past has occurred which would make the applicant a credit risk. Sometimes people who have great credit ratings, suddenly lose their jobs or spend a great deal of money and cannot make their regular payments. This kind of situation will not show up on credit reports for a few months, so it is worthwhile for the lender to check more recent data to confirm credit worthiness. We really do not expect any problems with this loan to this applicant, however the lender will want this additional information to be confirmed prior to making the loan in this case.

Online Car Repair Loan Application

Car Repair Loan Amount :: $2000

Car Repair Loan Speed :: As soon as possible, I need my car for work

What City/Town, Province, and County do you live in? :: Trois-Rivières Quebec

Postal Code :: G8T 0A1

What is your employment industry and how long in this field – detail please? :: Private Contractor for the Post Office for past 5 years delivering mail inTrois-Rivières to community mail boxes

Employment Position :: Own my own business

When are you paid? :: Monthly

What would you consider your credit rating to be – excellent, great, good, fair, bad? :: Pretty good

How did you find us? :: Searching for loans on the internet

Bank name :: CIBC

How are you paid? :: Direct deposit monthly to my checking account

Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: $4400

Do not include ABA or bank routing numbers here. This is for your personal security. Do not enter social security numbers here. Do you agree to have this application information published online with your PRIVATE info removed? :: Yes, ok

Any extra information here please :: I am a private contractor delivering Canada Post mail, flyers and special delivery mail to people in the city of Trois-Rivières. I mainly deposit the mail and collect the mail from the community mail boxes that have been installed in many of the new subdivisions. Regular employees still do the door to door delivery of mail. We use our own vehicles and then send an invoice to Canada Post for our travel and time once per month, plus any other expenses we might have. Canada Post only wants us to invoice them once a month, so it is a long time between pay checks and sometimes it is a little hard to get to the end of the month before the direct deposit shows up in our account.  I use my own car to get around and deliver the mail on my daily run and that is were the problem is.

My car is in serious need of repairs. I need to have new tires  put on the car, balanced and the front end alignment completed. In addition I am pretty sure that the water pump and the radiator are going next. Since I use my car for work, I would like to get all of this done at the same time and not have to take it into the shop multiple times. I will have to rent a car for a couple days while it is being repaired and expect it to be out of commission for two days. This is in the middle of the month, so I will not see any money in my account for another two weeks and I am running a little short of cash at the moment.

Note to Lender – Please add any information you are comfortable with sharing regarding this loan :: My credit rating is pretty good as far as I know. The car is paid for and I have a mortgage on my home. I have never missed a payment and I do not carry any balances on my credit cards. I pay all of my bills on time so there should be no issue with my credit rating.

I have let myself get short on cash this month since I have paid all of my bills and have enough to get by until the end of the month when the next deposit arrives. Please approve this loan so I can get my car repaired quickly!

Have you ever defaulted or bounced a check with a car repair loan in the past? :: no, never



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  1. Glen applied for the following loan:

    Loan: $1500

    Speed: ASAP

    Credit: 599

    Location: Pierrefonds, QC

    Income: I clear $5000 per month


    To pay my lawyer as I already used my savings to pay the other portion off I am just $1500 away from paying him off and he needs it by the enmd of the week to finalize my divorce

  2. Judy applied for the following loan:

    Loan: $15,000.00

    Speed: ASAP

    Credit: Very poor

    Location: Montreal, Quebec Canada

    Income: 3000.00 employment earnings net 1300.00 government income tax credit proceeds 800.00 child support


    To pay off $10,000.00 of urgent pending debts unable to be negotiated, and the Balance of $5,000.00 to finish renovations in the basement of my home

  3. Kent applied for the following loan:

    Loan: $3000

    Speed: with in the next 1 1/2 weeks

    Credit: extremely poor

    Location: Lethbridge, AB Canada

    Income: I gross between $4500 ande $5000 per month. The amount varies with the amount of overtime available.I have been with my employer for 26+ years.


    I have gotten trapped in the Payday loan loop and want to get out of it. I owe about $2200 to a total of 3 companies and have been trying to pay them with smaller payments bi-weekly, but they are getting tired of that arrangement.
    I am also in need of new tires on my vehicle which would be around $700 includimg installation. The other repairs that I need can wait a bit.
    I can afford to pay $500 per month, so this would not be a very long term for the loan.

  4. Mary applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 1,200.00

    Speed: ASAP

    Credit: fair

    Location: Inukjuak, Quebec, Canada

    Income: $2,500- $3,000.00 depends on if I did replacements at work or not.


    I need to pay my mechanic for $1,149.00 in order to have my truck back A.S.A.P.

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