$1000 Loan in London Ontario

$1000 Loan in London Ontario — My name is Marley and I live in London. (On) I need a fast payday loan approved when you can get to it today.

We have to get on with this and have this money moved into our checking account really quick. I have to get my tires changed to winter tires before we go up Northern Ontario to visit family.

I can pay back this loan in two weeks because I get paid biweekly from my employer in London. If you could expedite this loan as soon as you can please do so.

London Ontario Lender Comment — Please have the applicant completely fill out the application form on our site so we can get the approval process started. As Marley explained, she’s in a bit of a hurry.

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2 Loan Requests

  1. Gordon applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 40,000

    Speed: End of June

    Credit: Bad

    Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    Income: 2200 a month Job 1 2000 a month Job 2


    Hi i’m a 30 year old, male and have put myself and family in danger with my gambling and loaning. I know this is not your normal Ad on Kijiji but i am looking for someone to Consolidate my problems so i have one easy payment a month or biweekly. I have 2 jobs and the growing interest rates that have toppled me on all my loans are just too much. My health feels at risk and my family. I lost my future wife because i had to tell her what i did and i am slowly losing my family who is tired of seeing this happen. I have a good heart but a dumb and idiotic way of thinking and its made me selfish. I am hoping someone out there reads this and can offer help. I still owe 40k to several ppl and i cant like i said handle this interest any more. My family has helped with money and they have nothing left. I guess the only assurances i have is that i am wanting to change work hard a prove to everyone i am a good person and that i can make everyone proud. If someone wants to take a chance lend me the money and set up a legal document with interest and suitable payments over 5 years i would appreciate this more then anything in the world. I want to be and get better and show everyone i can overcome my problems. I have zero option to get the loan from a bank as of course you can assume i have terrible credit. Please answer this ad if you have any serious suggestions or help.

  2. beeker applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 600

    Speed: today

    Credit: bad

    Location: london ontario

    Income: 4000 net per month get paid bi-weekly


    Emergency situation need to get my son to hospital in Toronto with hotel stay there and don’t get paid until next week

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