$1000 Fast Cash Payday Loan in Longueuil Quebec – Cedric J.

I would like to get a fast cash loan for and advance of $1000. I need to pay for my son`s hockey equipment and his minor hockey registration. My credit rating is really awful and this is one thing I can`t let go “by the wayside“ so to speak.

I am begging you to come across and reach out to us with this quick cash advance. My name is Cedric J. (last name taken out to protect his privacy)

All I am asking for is a $1000 dollar loan to help my wife and I to keep our son thriving and not just hanging out at the nearby 7-11 store.

My wife and I and son have lived in Longueuil Quebec our entire lives, and we really need to find an online lender that provides for payday loans in Canada that are purely applied for an made online.

God bless you all at BFC again.

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4 Loan Requests

  1. Vladimir applied for the following loan:

    Loan: %5000

    Speed: as soon as possible

    Credit: mediocre

    Location: longueuil, quebec, Canada

    Income: i make $700 after taxes per week, i usually do overtime shifts which gives me $950 a week after taxes, last year i made $58,000


    Late on a couple of payments because my girlfriend went back to school and i’m stuck paying all the bills myself, I had a disagreement with Rogers because they never came through with their promises, so they cancelled my account with ridiculous fees, now i have to pay the collection agency they sent me to.

  2. Mathieu applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 500

    Speed: Monday

    Credit: Terrible

    Location: Montreal/Quebec/Canada

    Income: I earn the sum of 3800$ (after taxes from my employment)


    Bill payment and everyday expenses.

  3. Antonio applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 5000

    Speed: as soon as possible

    Credit: 580

    Location: Montreal, Qc, Canada

    Income: around 2000 monthly, after taxes.


    I want to invest in some repairs at my mom’s house, which she will be selling early 2014, and make some porfits by increasing the value of the house.

  4. Antoinette applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 400

    Speed: as soon as possible

    Credit: very poor

    Location: saint-hubert,quebec,canada

    Income: 40 hours a week 20.68$/ hr Before tax per month it's 4,200$


    Fell behind on my bill payments just need to pay up to date

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