1000 Fast Cash Loan – Vancouver B.C.

Well this potential customer of our loan service seems to have all of the angles figured out and is taking control of his financial situation. His credit rating is pretty good, he has no appreciable debts, he is using his ownmoney to purchase a new 2nd hand car for himself and just needs a $1000 loan to complete the transaction. In addition he has already figured out how he will repay the cash loan by selling his current car which is only worth $2000, but more than sufficient to repay the loan.

He has a bank account which we can transfer the loan to over night and  he can also use this same account to make the repayment of the loan. He apparently with the approval of his employer is buying a car from a customer which makes the dealership happy as well since it is one less used car they have to process and they get a to sell a new car. This is a win win for everyone including our loan service. There seems to be no down side to this potential loan opportunity as well.

Our customer has a full time job as a mechanic and has been at this location for some time. He obviously knows cars and can tell when a car needs a lot of work. Since he worked on this particular car as well, he knows he is getting a great deal. These are the kind of fast cash loan customers we like to have, were there is a good credit rating, there is a clear repayment plan and we are solving a problem for our customer that makes our service look great. We can actually transfer the loan directly to the customers bank account over night so that he has access to the money in the morning and can write a check for the car he wants to purchase. We use the same process for repayment.

Many of our customers do not have a checking account to give us which makes it much more difficult to lend money this way and they also represent a higher risk as well, so many loans to people without bank accounts are not approved. This customer has all the bases covered and we think his loan will be approved in no time at all.

Online Fast Cash Loan Application

Fast Cash Loan Amount :: $1000

Fast Cash Loan Speed :: I need the money tomorrow at the latest to be in my bank account

What City/Town, Province, and County do you live in? :: Vancouver B.C.

Postal Code :: V5K 1A6

What is your employment industry and how long in this field – detail please? :: Mechanic at a small dealership

Employment Position :: Head mechanic

When are you paid? :: Every two weeks

What would you consider your credit rating to be – excellent, great, good, fair, bad? :: Good

How did you find us? :: Searching for fast cash loans on the net

Bank name :: Royal Bank

How are you paid? :: Direct deposit to my checking account

Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: $2,100

Do not include ABA or bank routing numbers here. This is for your personal security. Do not enter social security numbers here. Do you agree to have this application information published online with your PRIVATE info removed? :: Yes if it will help me be approved for a loan quickly

Any extra information here please :: I need a loan to be approved over night, which is what your cash loan service advertises, so that I can meet a payment on a car that I would like to buy. Actually a customer of the dealership came into the shop planning to buy another car and trade his car in. I have worked on his car and know it inside out. It is in great shape and at the price he is willing to sell it to me, I really cannot let it pass. The dealer ship is ok with him selling it to me as well since they were not planning to give him very much for the car so there is a win win situation here for all us.

The customer gets to sell his car for more money than what he was expecting, I get a great deal on the car and the dealership is selling a new car to a customer who is very happy with the over all package. The only problem that I have is that I do not have quite enough money on hand to buy the car. He wants $5000 for the car and I have $4000, so I need another $1000 to finalize the deal. I do not have time to go down to my bank and arrange for a loan so I am hoping I can get a cash loan from you guys and the money would be in my account by the morning so I can give him a check for the car and close the deal.

Is this something you guys can really make happen? A  loan processed in less than 24 hours? That would be fantastic. If I cannot get this extra $1000, I may lose the opportunity to purchase this car. I will also be selling my current car and will be able to repay the fast cash loan from the proceeds of this sale.

Note to Lender – Please add any information you are comfortable with sharing regarding this loan :: My credit rating should be pretty good. I have never missed a payment and have no significant debts. The car I have is an older model in good shape, and only worth about $2000, so when I sell it I will have no problem repaying the loan.  This loan should be a no brainer for you guys since I have a good credit rating, I have the equity in my current car which I will get when I sell it and I am putting 80% of my own money into the purchase of this car I am planning to purchase from my employer’s customer. Please approve the deal ASAP ( by today).

Have you ever defaulted or bounced a check with a fast cash advance loan in the past? :: No, I have never used a fast cash loan service before in my life.


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4 Loan Requests

  1. jeremy applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 300

    Speed: today

    Credit: Average

    Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

    Income: I get $926.00 a month from BC Disability. This is a permanent payment.


    I just need some extra money to get some costly dental work done.

  2. Sean "cory" applied for the following loan:

    Loan: $3000

    Speed: as soon as possible like tomorrow

    Credit: bad

    Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada.

    Income: Hr pay $17 an hr x 40 hrs a week = $680 x 4 weeks = $2720 I also make tips on a nightly bases that ranges wildly from $8 to $200 a night.


    To consolidate all my debt into one lump sum. I have tried other places but i dont have a co signer and am trying to make it on mg own but am finding it difficult to catch up completely.

  3. Janet applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 2000

    Speed: ASAP

    Credit: Fair

    Location: Delta, BC, Canada

    Income: I currently work full time and make $2960.00 per month.


    My husband lost his job four months ago and has not been able to find work. The bills are piling up and I need this loan get back on track. I am currently the sole provider for my family of three (I have a thirteen year old daughter)and desperately need assistance until he is back at work.

  4. ryan applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 1500.00

    Speed: by tommorrow if possible please

    Credit: good

    Location: vancouver/bc/ canada

    Income: I make an average of 2600 a month . get paid bi weekly .


    to reduce my debt slowly and make payments.

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