$1000 Emergency Payday Loan in Calgary, Alberta

1000emergencypdlcalgary $1000 Emergency Payday Loan in Calgary, AlbertaThis is a very unique loan request due to the reason the applicant needs it tendered. This applicant has applied for a $1000 payday loan in Calgary because he’s got himself into a bit of her predicament they require some fast cash.

Him and his friends were having a party over at his brother’s place on the weekend and they were having a little bit too much fun! They got drunk and decided to play some football upstairs in the living room. They started throwing a football around and having a really good time.

Unfortunately, even though they were good players and all had really good hands one of the missed a throw and didn’t catch it. What happened next was really messy and really loud and really wet.

The football went straight through a fairly expensive fish aquarium that was specifically designed to house some rare and expensive saltwater fish. It ended up that all the water poured out onto the carpet along with pieces of glass, ornaments, and accessories. There they were with the stone look on their faces shocked to see these poor fish flopping around on the carpet.

One of the kids have some experience with a saltwater aquarium and tropical fish so he quickly went into action to make sure that all the fish were safely put into a container with the right kind of water and the right kind of salinity. So once they have that done and his brothers investment was protected, they went ahead and cleaned up all the water and the mess on the carpet. This created quite a bit of work for all the participants of the football game and really put a damper (literally) on their Saturday night party.

After hours of cleaning up and sorting out the mess, they did some Internet research and discovered that the replacement cost of the setup cost of the new aquarium was going to be about $1300. Dan only has about $400 and next to cash that he can part with, so he needed a very quick loan for $1000 to be approved overnight. First thing in the morning he got up and went to the pet store and arrange to have a brand-new tropical aquarium and delivered to the house and set up. People from the pet store managed to deliver it and set it up on time and he had to make sure they got paid. That is what he used this payday loan for.

Normally he would go about getting the funds in a different way but this was an emergency situation that had to be rectified quickly and without delay. In the end, he managed to get everything set up and get the water properly set so that all of the fish would survive, and he managed to do so before his brother got into town. When he picked up his brother appear poor from his Westjet flight on the way home he told them about the accident they had, and that they managed to get a replacement unit bought and paid for, and installed that morning. Unfortunately, all of his carpets were still damp from all the water regardless of the fact that they had used a really good and powerful shop-vac to suck up all the water from the carpet and the underlay.

His brother was a little bit surprised to hear about how foolish is younger sibling and his friends of been well he was gone from his trip. Whether or not he will ever left his little brother stay at his house when he is out of town again is up in the air.

Emergency Loan Application – Calgary, Alberta – $1000

Payday Loan Amount :: $1000

Why do you need the funds :: I need this loan for $1000 because I accidentally broke a tropical fish aquarium in my brother’s house on the weekend. We were goofing around and we were throwing a football around the room and one of my friends missed his catch and broke the aquarium wide open. There was glass all over the place and the water flooded of the carpets and made a huge mess. I managed to save the fish by getting them quickly into some salt water but the tank is destroyed and I need to get a new one installed and set up before my brother gets home from his trip to Ottawa. I live in Calgary Alberta and he will be arriving on Westjet tomorrow afternoon and I really need to get this looked after before lunch-time tomorrow.

Payday Loan Speed :: Overnight

What City/Town, Province do you live in? :: Calgary, Alberta

What is your employment background? :: Mechanic

Employment Position :: Apprentice

When are you paid? :: Biweekly on Wed

Is your credit rating to be – excellent, good, fair, bad? :: Bad

How did you find us? :: Google

Bank name :: HSBC

How are you paid? :: EFT deposit

Gross Amount Per Pay Stub :: $878 CND

Do not include ABA or bank routing numbers here. Do not enter social security numbers here. Can this application be published online with your information removed? :: You can go ahead

Any extra information here please :: I am confident that I will be a will to pay this back right on time with my next paycheck. I already have some money in that checking account that will cover most of this loan anyway, but after I get paid with direct deposit then it will be surely enough to make sure that your check doesn’t bounce.

Please add any information you are comfortable with sharing regarding this loan ::

Have you ever defaulted or bounced a check with a payday cash advance loan in the past? :: No

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    Loan: 450

    Speed: ASAP

    Credit: POOR





  2. Alana applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 600

    Speed: today

    Credit: bad

    Location: calgary, AB, Canada

    Income: $3000 a month after taxes


    I had to book a flight to Ontario for a wedding and it has set me back almost $600

  3. Daisy applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 1000

    Speed: right now

    Credit: not bad

    Location: Edmonton/Alberta/Canada

    Income: covenant health 1096 biweekly rosedale griesbach 1000 monthly


    need to buy winter vehicle for my car

  4. Josee applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 3200

    Speed: ASAP

    Credit: poor

    Location: grande prairie AB

    Income: 23.50/hr 40 or more hours per seek start date May 20, 2014


    Now i am homeless single mom suffered from abuse from a parent (father) who has since been banned from the province of Alberta now im fighting daily for a roof over my head and my 9 yr olds need first mths rent and 950.00 damage deposit willing VERY MUCH to get a chance to live outside of government aid and will pay back loan

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    Loan: 1000

    Speed: today asap

    Credit: bad

    Location: calgary alberta

    Income: 1300/month


    need to pay rent and bills

    payment dates set me back on rent and bills that need to be paid for the first of june.

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