1000 Easiest Online Loan in Kingston Ontario

Our client for this application is a professor and doing some research on the easiest and fastest loans in the lending market and he lives  in Kingston Ontario. He claims that he is doing research on the online loan industry and requests that we play along and assess his application accordingly. We are really not sure if this is a real research project or not, since he did not provide any contact information for us to follow up with him.

Never the less we will play along and treat this as a real application for a $1000 online loan application and perhaps he will read it and get in touch with us.

The clients credit rating is in fact excellent, the late utility bill payment  was not reported so he has no reports on his credit rating. He has no loans or debt and he make sufficient income, so based on this information, it is likely that the bank would approve this online loan quickly and once the papers are signed the money would be in his account 24 hours later.

All correspondence can be done by email. Documents that need to be signed must be witnessed, scanned and returned to us prior to processing. We are not sure how other companies process applications for online loans, so from a research perspective, our process may not be an accurate portrayal of the industry.

We suspect that this application is really bogus, since the application for a $1000 online loan was not fully completed with all of the contact information required. We also question the research value of this approach. Conducting interviews with companies such as ourselves would be in our opinion a far more productive approach to researching the online loan industry.

With a face to face interview or even over the phone, areas such as interest rates charged, processing fees, collection processes, loan application processing and credit checks could all be discussed in more detail. Not all online loan companies work the same way and they use a variety of firms to check for credit ratings and for credit references. We think that this approach would be far more useful to the professor and we would be willing to discuss this information in general terms. Any information that we feel is competitive, would be off the table of course.

Perhaps when the professor reads this online response to his application, there can be more discussion in this area. We also can deal with the professor only and write this online loan to him only and send the loan funds to his personal checking account.  Based on the information provided we would anticipate that the bank would not have any problem processing this application for a $1000 loan  and approving it online for a real applicant.

Online Cash  Loan Application

Online Cash Loan Amount :: $1000

Online Loan Speed :: Within a couple of days

What City/Town, Province, and County do you live in? :: Kingston

Postal Code :: K7K 0A1

What is your employment industry and how long in this field – detail please? :: Professor at Queens University

Employment Position :: Professor with tenure

When are you paid? :: Monthly

What would you consider your credit rating to be – excellent, great, good, fair, bad? :: Excellent

How did you find us? :: Searching for easy online loans on the internet

Bank name :: Bank of Nova Scotia, downtown branch

How are you paid? :: Direct deposit to my personal checking account

Gross Amount Per Paycheck ::  $7500 per month

Do not include ABA or bank routing numbers here. This is for your personal security. Do not enter social security numbers here. Do you agree to have this application information published online with your PRIVATE info removed? :: It is ok, this is a fictitious application for research purposes

Any extra information here please :: I am not really applying for an online loan, however we are doing some research of the online loan and payday loan industry to assess how easy it is to apply for and receive an online loan over the internet. We would really appreciate if you would treat this as a legitimate online loan request from an assessment perspective to assist us in our research.

Our fictitious applicant is looking for one of the easiest online loans he can find in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He would like to be able to access the loan funds with in a couple of days. He has a good credit rating and he works full time as a university professor at Queens university. The reason this professor is applying for a loan of this sort is that he does not want his wife to know about the loan. They have joint accounts and his wife’s name is on all of their bank information. He has a personal checking account in his name only which he just opened for this purpose. He would like all of the correspondence to be via email. Any documents that must be signed can be sent via email, which he will print, sign and scan for return via email.

Note to Lender – Please add any information you are comfortable with sharing regarding this loan :: The loan is required to pay for several small debts that I have accumulated from visiting the casino too many times. Yes a university professor should know better, but many people have this problem and it does not matter whether they are educated or not.

Our credit rating is good to excellent. We own our own home, there is no mortgage on the home and our car is fully paid for. All bills are paid on time and there was only one time in the last five years were we were late making a payment on a utility bill which may have been reported to the credit rating agencies.  This would be the only reason why our credit rating might be less than excellent. We have never applied for an online loan before and want to see how easy it is to apply and receive the funds in our bank account.

Have you ever defaulted or bounced a check with an online cash advance loan in the past? :: no



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8 Loan Requests

  1. Shannon applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 5000

    Speed: as soon as

    Credit: poor

    Location: hamilton, on

    Income: Take home is $1065.56 every 2 weeks. I work full time and have been with same employer for just over 4 years,


    i fell behind on a few bills, and got stuck with payday loans. I just want to clear it up and pay only one person. I can pay back $200 per pay, easily, but currently am losing about $500 per pay, which is making it impossible to keep ahead and get back on top of my bills.

  2. Guy applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 1000

    Speed: asap

    Credit: poor

    Location: Earlton,ontario,canada

    Income: 2000$ per month



    vegetables production

  3. Joseph applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 600.00

    Speed: I require it by October 6th, 2012

    Credit: Good but could be better

    Location: St. Catharines, Ontario Canada

    Income: I pay $725.00 for rent and then after that I have $800.00 to cover everything else for the next 3 weeks until I get paid again. I am on shore leave from the ships that deliver different things.


    I need it for food and to pay my bills.

  4. ian applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 1000

    Speed: asap

    Credit: ??

    Location: bracebridge, ontario, canada

    Income: i earn anywhere from 3000-5000 a month depending if i get a lot of overtime or not


    for the holidays, and to pay my hydro as it is in dissconnection at the moment

  5. Craig applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 2000

    Speed: 12-24-2012

    Credit: I do not have very good credit

    Location: Kingston, Ontario Canada

    Income: it varies from month to month. Typically, November and December are my slow months of the year, which is why I am requesting the loam. Bills are starting to pile up, and would like to get them caught up before the end of the year.


    I am self employed, and November – December have been slow months of the year. Bills are piling up and with Christmas time here it has been a bit a struggle. I would like this loan so that I can breathe a little easier going into the new year. I have work lined up in late January…but I would like a little help to get me to that point.

  6. Tabatha applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 300

    Speed: as soon as possible

    Credit: poor

    Location: Renfrew Ontario




  7. Kyla applied for the following loan:

    Loan: $3000.00 (Max)

    Speed: Today

    Credit: poor

    Location: Surrey, BC, Canada

    Income: My take-home averages $800-$1000 (direct deposit) bi-weekly. It varies higher if I can arrange to work some extra hours. I have been with my current employer for 2+ years and it is a permanent, stable position.


    To pay for emergency moving expenses, back-rent, outstanding childcare expenses, and to pay back a short term payday loan. I also need to put new tires on my vehicle as the ones on it now will not be safe in the coming winter months. I am behind in rent and have to move home to my parents with my young child, splitting up the family home as we can’t afford to live together anymore as I’ve recently lost the gov’t child tax credit and msp is deducting significant payments from my paycheque to catch up the outstanding balance with them. My monthly expenses will be decreasing significantly by the end of next month, so paying this loan back should be easy, however I need it asap to help me get to that point. Thank you.

  8. Alex applied for the following loan:

    Loan: 11000

    Speed: 7 days

    Credit: Bad

    Location: Montreal,Qc

    Income: 1500$/2 weeks salary Net paid on 15th and 30/31st of the month 180.00/ month veterans pension 150.00/month services provided to web dev company Work for Fed Gouv/military Have worked for 14 years


    Payoff a Citi Fin loan ASAP, Tickets, Credit Card, Overdraft, Repair Roof of the house prior to winter which is in very bad shape.

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